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Dec 7, 2013 1:30pm EST
other. the old men who were the elders of the city and represent the old way of thinking and the women with water pots who now represent trying to clean out and cleanse the old ways and trying to instill a new way of thinking to get rid of wars, to end those things that are repugnant in society and embrace a new way of thinking. and so to two groups meet, and their leaders have at it. what is this, i see, you wretched old man? -- [inaudible] >> here's something new, a swarm of women standing pulpit outside to defend the gates. >> bark at us, will you, if you do not see the -- [inaudible] >> with oh, oh, shall we stop there -- [inaudible] suppose one of us were to break a stick across their backs, eh? >> set down our water pot on the ground. if they should tear to offer us -- they should dare to offer us violence. >> let someone knock to out two or three teeth to them. they won't talk so loud then. >> come on, then. unflinching force and no other bitch will ever grab your balls. >> silence, or my stick -- that that -- will cut your -- [inaudible] >> i will tear out your lungs and entrai
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1